Kässä sanasto=craft vocabulary=le vocabulaire les bricoloages

Et voilà, un vocabulaire les bricoloages en Finnois, en l’Anglais et en Français. (Ma langue maternelle est Finnois, pardon qu’il y a des fautes)

Ja kas tässä, kässä sanasto suomeksi, englanniksi ja ranskaksi. (Anteeksi mahdollisista kirjoitus ja sanasto virheistäni)

And here you go, a vocabulary about crafts in Finnish, in English and in French. (My native language is still Finnish so I’m sorry if there is some mistakes in the vocabulary)

 Virkkaussanasto= Crocheting vocabulary = Vocabulaire de crochet
  • virkata= crochet = crochet
  • virkkuukoukku= hook = croche
  • lanka= yarn = la laine
  • ketjusilmukka= chain stitch =chaÎnette
  • piilosilmukka= slip stitch = petite maille
  • kiinteäsilmukka= single crochet/double crochet = maille serree
  • silmukka= stitch/loop = maille
  • pylväs= double crochet/treble = bride
  • puolipylväs= half double crochet/half treble = demi-bride
  • silmukkaketju= chain = maille chainette
  • langankierto= yarn over = le jeté
  • kerros= row = rang
  • kavennus= decrease = diminuer/diminuer
  • lisäys= increase = augmenter

Neulesanasto= Knitting vocabulary = Vocabulaire de tricoter

  • neuloa= knit = tricoter
  • neulepuikko= knitting needle = les aiguilles
  • lanka= yarn = la laine
  • silmukka= loop = maille
  • oikea silmukka= loop = boucle
  • kerros= row = rang
  • luoda silmukat= cast on = monter les mailles
  • kirjoneule= fair isle/coloured knitting/colour pattern = jacquard
  • kavennus= decrease/narrowing = augmenter
  • lisäys= increase = augmenter
  • kavennus kaksi silmukkaa yhteen= knit two together = diminutions simple
  • ylivetokavennus= slip/pass over = surjet simple
  • langan kierto= yarn over = le jeté

Lankakässäsanastoa= Yarn craft vocabulary = Vocabulaire de la laine

  • lanka= yarn = la laine
  • kavennus= decrease = diminuer
  • lisäys= increase =augmenter
  • päätellä= fasten off = conclure
  • solmu= knot = nœud
  • virkkaus= crochet = crochet
  • neulonta= knitting = tricot
  • kirjonta= embroidery = broderie
  • koukku= hook = accrocher
  • puikko= needle = les aiguilles
  • neula= needle = une aiguille
  • langankierto= yarn over = le jeté
  • kerros= row = rang
  • silmukka= stitch/loop = la maille
  • purkaa= frog/cast off = arrêter

Kirjontasanasto= Embroidery vocabulary = Vocabulaire de broderie

  • neula= needle = une aiguille
  • lanka= thread = le fil à broder
  • pisto= stitch = le tambour
  • kirjoa= embroider/pattern = broder
  • kirjonta= embroidery = broderie
  • pykäpisto= blanket stitch = point de feston

Materiaalisanasto= Material vocabulary = Vocabulaire du matériel

  • kangas= cloth/fabric = linge
  • lanka= yarn/thread = la laine
  • villa= wool = la laine
  • puuvilla= cotton = cotton
  • trikoo= tricot = tricot
  • huopa= felt = feutrine
  • fleece= fleece =dépouiller
  • farkku= denim = denim
  • polyesteri= polyester = polyester
  • frotee= terry = tissu-éponge
  • plyysi= plush = somptueux
  • polyamidi= polyamide
  • silkki= silk = casaque
  • pitsi= lace = la dentelle
  • Satiini= satin = satin

Ompelusanasto= Sewing vocabulary = Vocabulaire de la couture

  • ompelukone= sewing machine = la machine à coudre
  • (suora ommel=straight stitch = point droit)
  • siksak= zigzag = point zigzag
  • (huolittelusiksak= grooming zigzag = point élastique)
  • piston pituus= stitch lenght = allonger
  • syöttäjän hampaat= feed dog = griffes d’entrainement
  • pistolevy= slide plate = la platine
  • kaksoisneula= double needle = aiguille double
  • puola= bobbin = la bobine
  • neula= needle = une aiguille
  • pakittaa= back = dos
  • paininjalka= presser foot = pied de biche
  • taite= fold =plier
  • saumavara= seam allowance = marge de couture
  • halkio= slit = une échancrure/une braguette
  • päärme= hem = un ourlet
  • nuppineula= a pin = une épingle
  • kangas= cloth/fabric = linge
  • ratkoja= stitch ripper/seam ripper = le découseur
  • kaava= pattern = le patron
  • (kääntö= reverse =revers)
  • ompelulanka= thread/ sewing thread = le fil
  • ommella= sew = coudre
  • tilkku= patch = un morceau

Värjäyssanasto= Dye vocabulary = Vocabulaire de colorant

  • sapluuna= template =calibre
  • värjätä= dye = colorant
  • pigmentti= pigment = colorer
  • batikki= batik = batik
  • sekoittaa= mix  = mélanger
  • silittää= iron =repasser

Kangaspuusanasto= Loom vocabulary = Vocabulaire de métier à tisser

  • kangaspuut= loom = métier à tisser
  • kutoa= weave = tisser
  • matonkude= weft = trame
  • matto= carpet = un tapis
  • sukkula= shuttle = une navette
  • loimi= warp = une chaîne

Muita tarvikkeita= Other accessories = Les accessoires

  • rautalanka= wire = fil de fer
  • kuminauha= rubber band = élastique
  • nappi= a button = un bouton
  • napinläpi= a button hole = boutonière
  • vetoketju= a zipper = fermeture à glisière
  • helmi= a pearl = la perle
  • hakaneula= a safety pin = épingle de sûretè

Muita välineitä= Other tools = Instruments

  • sakset= scissors = les ciseaux
  • neulatyyny= pin cushion = une pelote à épingles
  • suunnitelma= plan = un plan
  • neula= needle = une aiguille
  • koukku= hook = accrocher
  • puikko= needle = aiguille à tricoter
  • lanka= yarn/thread = la laine
  • kangas= cloth = linge
  • mittanauha= measuring tape = mètre ruban
  • kaava= pattern = le patron
  • silitysrauta= iron = fer à repasser







Mittens for grandpa

I gave 4 Okuliinacraft gift cards last Christmas. One of them was for my grandpa, mother’s father. He ordered mittens. Now the mittens are ready. Black mittens, wrist is knitted, and thumb and top is crocheted. So once again I prefer to use two techniques in a mitten. The wrist is long, a third of it is knitted two purls, two loops, two purls, two loops…. and the rest of it is just loops. From the thumb to the end it’s crocheted.

I’m happy with the result. I guess the size is just good and they look like they’re made by me.

Yarn: Vilma by Nordia
needles and the hook size: 3,5loops: 52 (thumb 20)


Kevät fiilis! FEEL THE SPRING!

Siis munhan pitäis lukea enkun kokeeseen tai nukkua. Ei. Kirjoitan nyt! Voisihan sen tehä enkuks enkun kokeeseen lukemisen sijasta, edes jotain enkkua!
Sooo, I should be studying for my English test or sleep. No. I’m writing now! But well, I could do that in English, as placing the test studying, at least some English!

The lovely spring time has started now here in Finland! Us, Finns we’re a little negative people. But now even though life isn’t a lovely pink and cute princess dream, I feel very nice now, so I thought I could write a little list about things I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful for/I like/I ’m relieved/I love that…….
-The sun is shining
-Days are longer
-Less than 60 schooldays before summer holiday
-I got the Vogue today that I’ve been waiting so long
-I’m fine with myself
-School sucks a little but I can handle it
-This blog gets more readers than ever
-I have awesome friends
-Finally I can wear sneakers after wearing boots all winter
-I have such a big and caring family
-I have freedom
-I have so many opportunities
-I have some orders waiting -Winter is finally (hopefully) gone
-I have lots and lots of yarn
-I have energy to survive through the day without coffee
-I’m working on my dreams to come true
-My to do-lists are short
-Tomorrow starts the weekend
-I ate the world’s best lasagne today
-We ate banana cookies with my sister today
-I did well in French test
-I’m quite happy, happier than I have been in a long time


Towel Pockets

Last week I had one day when I crafted almost all day. I sewed five hours. Got my dressing gown ready and other stuff. Anyway I sewed towel pockets from old leftover towel cloths that were leftovers from towel turbans. It was easy and quick! The idea is from The Netherlands, from my exchange student’s family I visited last autumn. They had many of these and they used to wash their faces with them I guess, or at least I used them for that and I think it was a brilliant idea, so now when I had time, motivation and some extra towel cloth I thought why not to do a bunch of them! I have now one of these in my room, for make-up remover and one in the shower. In shower it also scrubs your face nicely, so don’t scrub too hard your face with it.

So just cut a rectangular shape of towel and fold it half, then sew three sides, so that one side is open, and you can put your hand in it. I used zigzag for sewing these.

I made 16 of these, just from the leftovers. I took 30-45 minutes.






Okuliinacraft in traffic

You know, the feeling when sometimes something very small makes your day way much better.

Well, that happened me today, on my way to school. I was tired and frustrated because at the moment i was so fed up with school and schedules and ordinary stuff. Yeah, I like everyday ordinary life, but atm I need something to change. It was dark and cold and I was in a little rush, a little stressed out and tired (hey, it was about 7.40am in the morning). Well my frustration is not the thing over here now. The thing is that suddenly when I was waiting for the traffic lights to give me my way, next to me was standing a girl, about my age (or a little older/younger). I think that she was a little mentally retarded. I was listening music so probably I didn’t hear her first, but then I noticed that she was clearly talking to someone, and the someone happened to be me. The girl was flattering my  bag, the Okuliinacraft bag with reflectors. She was interested about where’s the bag from and how is it made and she thought that it was really amazing and inventive. I told her that I have made the bag myself by sewing. She flattered the bag more and said that it’s pretty amazing that I have had enough patient, creativity and time to sew my bag by myself. OK, I get it it maybe it’s little weird when some random (mentally retarded) girl just comes to flatter my bag, but in that moment it felt so good and positive. It made my morning a way much more better. For the girl it probably wasn’t such a big deal to say that my bag is beautiful and nice, but it was a big deal for me! A small saying that made my morning better and positive. We stood there talking about the bag for a while, until the traffic light gave us our way, she wished a happy day for me and I wished back, then i carried on my way and said goodbye. The girl had made me smile.

And just for 20min earlier I had snapped about my frustration (Arkeen kyllästynyt=Frustrated with ordinary)


Personal style

I hope that everyone’s year started well. My holiday ended already on Monday, so I have been at school since Mon. Hope that holiday could have lasted longer… The year has started well for me. We had an awesome New Year’s party last week. Well anyway I’m not here today to write about New Year. I’m writing here just about personal style, not sure if the title describes well the topic I mean, but just wasn’t creative enough to think about a better title. So what I’m going to write is that we all have noticed that everyone has their own style. So I though it would be nice to kind of compare different styles of people.

Everyone has their own styles, and that’s a thing everyone has noticed. But then there’s us who like to change their style sometimes. I am one of them. Then there’s those who doesn’t mind at all that how they look and/or what they’re wearing. Some people wear only brands, and their normal daily outfit is someone’s feast outfit. Others love to wear colors and others like more to wear only simple basic colors like gray, black and white. I guess you got the point already.
But the thing I want to take up is that what others think about your style and what is the reaction in them if you suddenly change your style. Of course it’s easier to change your style during holiday or when the season is changing, because then there’s not so much others to judge, when the season is changing style change is easier because then you anyway have change for example from shorts to jeans/pants. Often we stop  to think that what others may think about our clothes. I think that’s kind of pretty weird. It’s weird because it shouldn’t matter that what others think, the main thing and the only thing that should matter is that you like the outfit you’re wearing and feel comfortable in it. Believe in yourself! Everyone should have possibility to wear whatever she/he/it wants to wear. Why do we judge others so easily? We all do it, but it’s just pointless because the only thing we get with it is bad mood. The one we’re judging will get down and probably never going to wear anything such clothes, and the judges, we just waste our energy to judge negatively and make that annoying negative energy.
Some people loves to wear dresses, others only wear pants and shirt, others are wearing whatever they feel like to wear. It is obvious that if you wear something very special and different than others you will get some comment about it, and you just have to face it. Also, you shouldn’t always take the comments as an insult if they’re not super positive.
The same thing is with make-up, others wear it much, some doesn’t use at all, someone use only in a special occasion. And we all wear make-up for different reasons. We also use make-ups differently. It’s OK.

I have days when I want to wear a dress, well I will wear a dress. Today it was -18°C outside and I wanted to wear a dress, I knew I could get cold because I was wearing only tights, but actually I didn’t get as cold as I though because I had other warm clothes. Then I have the seasons when I use only some kind of clothes. Sometimes I want to have an outfit that is similar to everyone’s. Then I may have a day or even a season when I want to wear something that others don’t. Sometimes I hate to wear loose pants, sometimes I use them two weeks in a row. It’s fine. I have a lot of clothes so why shouldn’t I use them all sometime. If I were a little shorter or I wouldn’t have to wear shoes all day I would totally have heels every day, but now I use them only in a special occasion. Sometimes I wear only foundation and mascara, sometimes I put effort into my make-up and have mascara, eye shadow, blush, powder, lip gloss/lipstick. One day I want to have a very dark and dramatic eye make-up, then the other day I want glitter. At the moment my daily make-up is foundation, mascara, powder, eyeliner and I do my brows.

  If you never change your style will you ever find your own style?

Just remember to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, you like and they match with your mood.

Well, okay this outfit was kind of I had to wear, but in the end I liked it though.



I said once ”I’m never going to wear ripped jeans” well then my mind changed.

If you know me you wouldn’t nowadays believe me if I would say that once I though I will never wear a leather jacket. I love them.
And yes, sometimes I wear something colorful, not often, but sometimes 🙂

Sometimes I just don’t care how I look or what I wear, well then I’m not usually in a public place. Btw, I fell in love with this bomber jacket I bought this weeks. Bombers were also on my not to wear lists, but it changed.





I like to wear overalls as well

And remember that we all have the right to wear what we want to. We have the chance to change our styles, why we wouldn’t do that. Let’s just leave our doubts and rock the style we’re wearing. We all have our own styles, we know that so let’s just accept it.


Part. 6 Embroidery

Hello sweeties!
Today I will explain Embroidery. This is the sixth part of my explaining series. Embroidery. Next week it will be the last part and it’s about looming.

Embroidery is used for decorating. For embroider you need a needle and thread or yarn. Embroidery is used in decorating clothes, pillows, etc. textile decorations. There’s many different type of embroider stitches. Blanket stitch, back stitch, cretan stitch, running stitch, cross stitch, herringbone stitch, single stitch and chain stitch are some often used stitches. Embroider needs focusing and time, you shouldn’t hurry. Some stitches are easy and some are harder. You put the thread through a needle and just sew different types of stitches.