Top #2

I just realized that I haven’t written in English for a while. So let’s write in English today.

I sew a black top in December and I really liked it. Now I sew a similar one. The material and straps are thicker than the first one’s.

The top is quite simple and easy to make. My double needle was (it still is) broken, so I used a normal one with zigzag and straight stitch. I made one seam and the others were folds.

The result is ok, it could be better as well but it’s ok and it’s what I was waiting for and planned to be. I didn’t use any patterns so the plan changed a few times during working. For the materials I paid about 7-9€, not bad.

The top is long enough to cover my butt. And because its cutting is just a regtangular tube its tighter from curvy parts. The material looks like satin, it sets nicely and its quite thin.

Thanks Ella for the pics!




Mittens for grandpa

I gave 4 Okuliinacraft gift cards last Christmas. One of them was for my grandpa, mother’s father. He ordered mittens. Now the mittens are ready. Black mittens, wrist is knitted, and thumb and top is crocheted. So once again I prefer to use two techniques in a mitten. The wrist is long, a third of it is knitted two purls, two loops, two purls, two loops…. and the rest of it is just loops. From the thumb to the end it’s crocheted.

I’m happy with the result. I guess the size is just good and they look like they’re made by me.

Yarn: Vilma by Nordia
needles and the hook size: 3,5loops: 52 (thumb 20)