Towel Pockets

Last week I had one day when I crafted almost all day. I sewed five hours. Got my dressing gown ready and other stuff. Anyway I sewed towel pockets from old leftover towel cloths that were leftovers from towel turbans. It was easy and quick! The idea is from The Netherlands, from my exchange student’s family I visited last autumn. They had many of these and they used to wash their faces with them I guess, or at least I used them for that and I think it was a brilliant idea, so now when I had time, motivation and some extra towel cloth I thought why not to do a bunch of them! I have now one of these in my room, for make-up remover and one in the shower. In shower it also scrubs your face nicely, so don’t scrub too hard your face with it.

So just cut a rectangular shape of towel and fold it half, then sew three sides, so that one side is open, and you can put your hand in it. I used zigzag for sewing these.

I made 16 of these, just from the leftovers. I took 30-45 minutes.







Tekijä: okuliinacraft

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