Okuliinacraft in traffic

You know, the feeling when sometimes something very small makes your day way much better.

Well, that happened me today, on my way to school. I was tired and frustrated because at the moment i was so fed up with school and schedules and ordinary stuff. Yeah, I like everyday ordinary life, but atm I need something to change. It was dark and cold and I was in a little rush, a little stressed out and tired (hey, it was about 7.40am in the morning). Well my frustration is not the thing over here now. The thing is that suddenly when I was waiting for the traffic lights to give me my way, next to me was standing a girl, about my age (or a little older/younger). I think that she was a little mentally retarded. I was listening music so probably I didn’t hear her first, but then I noticed that she was clearly talking to someone, and the someone happened to be me. The girl was flattering my  bag, the Okuliinacraft bag with reflectors. She was interested about where’s the bag from and how is it made and she thought that it was really amazing and inventive. I told her that I have made the bag myself by sewing. She flattered the bag more and said that it’s pretty amazing that I have had enough patient, creativity and time to sew my bag by myself. OK, I get it it maybe it’s little weird when some random (mentally retarded) girl just comes to flatter my bag, but in that moment it felt so good and positive. It made my morning a way much more better. For the girl it probably wasn’t such a big deal to say that my bag is beautiful and nice, but it was a big deal for me! A small saying that made my morning better and positive. We stood there talking about the bag for a while, until the traffic light gave us our way, she wished a happy day for me and I wished back, then i carried on my way and said goodbye. The girl had made me smile.

And just for 20min earlier I had snapped about my frustration (Arkeen kyllästynyt=Frustrated with ordinary)



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