Part. 5 Dying

Hello sweeties!
Today I will explain dying. This is the fifth part of my explaining series. Dying. Next week it will be about embroidery or weaving.

Dye=värjätä kangasta
There’s different ways for dying. You can dye fabric with tie dying, batik, paint with textile color, use templates, draw or write with textile markers etc. Doesn’t matter what dying technique you have used when the fabric is dried you must iron the color, so then you can wash it and the color stays there. For dying you need fabric, textile color, a painting brush, rubber band, a kettle, water, a template, pigment, but you don’t usually need all mentioned materials, it depends on the dying technique that which materials you need. Dying is known well of course, because so many things are dyed. So many works are dyed, clothes, fabrics, sheets, tote bags, tablecloths and etc. Dying is quite easy. You have to remember to protect your clothes when you dye, because other ways if the paint gets on to your clothes it’s going to stay there, it won’t wash away. For tie dying you need rubber bands, fabric, a kettle, water, pigment and a stove. You put water and pigment into the kettle and warm it up. Tie the fabric and put it into the kettle, the color will soak into it. There’s also other methods. You can just paint with a painting brush using textile color. You can draw/write with textile markers, just regularly as you’d draw on a paper. Then there’s also method where you use a sieve, you paint the color with a rachel through a sieve. On the sieve is shed a text or a picture. A sieve is re-usable, you can use the same sieve so many times. It always will make the same picture/text.

Click the picture and you’ll see the capture. Some picture’s capture you can see without click, but some you have to click to see it.

textile color
My Okuliinacraft stamp
A pil0w case that is painted with textile color

This was a good site about dying terms in Finnish

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And here’s my craft vocabulary from last spring, it has also a little dying vocabulary



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