Part.3 Sewing

Today I will explain sewing. This is the third part of my explaining series. Sewing. Next week it will be about embroidery or felting.

Everyone knows what is sewing. Probably most textiles surrounding us are made by sewing. Clothes, sheets, bags, curtains, stuffed animals, pouches, pillowcases, etc., etc. are made by sewing. Sewing is a very very old technique, already our old forefathers knew how to sew. They sew their clothes, well the method has changed by the years of course. Nowadays we have modern sewing machines which work with electricity and there’s many stitch options and stuff. We have many different colors of threads and many different types of cloth. There’s so many different stitches that you can sew with a sewing machine that I’m not going to list the most used ones. Sewing machines parts are feed dog, slide plate, tension control, bobbin in a bobbin case, needle, speed controller, stitch selector,  presser foot and hand wheel. When you press the speed controller with your foot you control the sewing speed. Needle is the thing that make the result, through the needle goes the thread. Slide plate is a part of the machine that is around the needle. Feed dog is a part of slide plate in front of the needle. Feed dog makes the cloth move and go forward to the needle. Tension control controls tension of the thread. Bobbin is a part where lower thread is spooled. Bobbin is located into bobbin case, bobbin case is located to the machine’s bottom. With stitch selector you choose the stitch that you are going to use. Hand wheel is located to the machine’s right side. With hand wheel you can move the needle without using the speed controller.

Then some pictures of stuff that are sewn and different types of sewing machines

Up in those pictures are crafts sewn by me

Up in those pictures are clothes that someone have sewn. Everyday we wear sewn clothes. From underwear to coats clothes are sewn and from pyjamas to wedding dresses clothes are sewn.

Up in those pictures there’s different sewing machines and some parts of a sewing machine

This week I’ll challenge you all to sew and post a picture of it with #okuliinacraft
If you want to learn the terms in Finnish click here and go to see my vocabulary post from February
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