Diy Notebooks

Hi! last time I wrote in English was also a school post about going back to school. This time I have some diy notebooks for you guys! I’m not very motivated to school right now, but I’ve decorated most of  my notebooks anyway, because why not. I like decorating things. All the notebooks are covered with contact paper. I don’t have my all notebook in these pictures now, beacuase either they are plein or they’re at school in my locker.

Materials: notebook,  contact paper, scissors, magazines, papers, pen/pens, glue stick, string, a needle
Difficulty (1-5):  1-2



So my chemistry book’s cover has a embroidered carton. I just took a needle and string and started making a random pattern.
Swedish notebook is covered with parts of a Swedish magazine’s texts.
French notebook has a French stamp on it, a flag of France, some grammar boxes and a quote.
On those colored boxes read the subject, classroom and teacher, day and time. My school started month ago and still I don’t remember my timetable by heart. Almost all notebooks have that box, it helps me to remember.
Home economics notebook is full of food pictures from an old magazine.

I guess this was everything this time.




Tekijä: okuliinacraft

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