Back to school!

Somewhere the schools have started already. My school starts on Thursday. It’s time to get some new school stuff. I made some crafts and some diys for the new school year! Down I’ll put the photos and to some supllies I’ll write instructions. I hope these will give some ideas!

Because chewing gum is one of the most important school supplies, I made two gum bags for my friends. I already have my own from last year. And why we don’t eat gum straight from the original package is that it rustles and if you take it out everybody near wants gum and then all your gum’s gone.

Also coffee mug is one of the most important school supplies so i made a little decoration for my new mug, so now it looks more like it’s mine.

And the to the ”real” school supplies, notebooks, pens etc.

Because school books have like billion pages and you have to find the page quickly a bookmark is more than useful. Cut a rectangular piece of paper fold it as it’s fold in the second picture and then fold it once again as in the third picture, then tape it or glue it (I glued mine)


Everyone own markers. I like to underline things and be organised  so I classyfied my markers and now it’s even easier to find things from underlined texts.

For notebook decoration I used old magazines and made pockets for worksheets. Notebook covers I emroided randomly and covered them with plastic after that.


My pencilcase for this year iscrocheted from black cotton yarn with a grey zipper.


And for all my stuff I need a schoolbag ofcourse! I sewed a grey canvas bag with black and gold zipper. The pocket is mostly only a decoration, and look there’s a piece of the ribbon I bought from Estonia.

I wish good luck and successful year for all students! Don’t forget to check my instagram account also! Click here to get into my instagram acc.



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